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I have known Moe for the better part of ten years. We have worked together on multiple medical projects. I have found Moe to be helpful and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that my concerns are met in regards to the devices that are installed at my facility. I am always eager to see what Highly Reimbursable is distributing because many of the services are good for my practice.

Dr. Ronald M.
Dr. Ronald M.
- Warner Robins, GA

Moe has been my medical device sales rep for over 10 years. I have enjoyed the relationship and appreciate the devices the he has installed at my facility. He has been helpful with additional questions and guidance as I continue to build my medical practice. I am looking forward to our continued relationship.

Dr. Harvey L.
Dr. Harvey L.
- Decatur, GA

Moe and I have been doing business for over 5 years running. Not only do I consider him to be my medical sales rep but he is also a friend. Moe will go the extra mile to make sure that my concerns are met and that everything is running smoothly. My practice has enjoyed this relationship and has benefited both clinically and financially. I"m grateful for the relationship with Highly Reimbursable, Inc.

Dr. Jawad B.
Dr. Jawad B.
- Richmond, VA

I bought an ANS medical device from Moe about 7 years ago. Whenever I have had an issue Moe has been prompt to resolve it for me. I appreciate all of the services that Moe provides and I have enjoyed working with him over the years and look forward to future partnerships.

Dr. Leroy G.
Dr. Leroy G.
- Newport News, VA